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HESOSA welcomes every individual to join its journey of compassion and change. Through collective efforts and the power of giving, we can create a world where empathy prevails, and every person is embraced with care and understanding. We believe that every small action counts. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of community members, vulnerable individuals, and the environment. Whether you wish to volunteer, contribute to our cause, or simply stay informed about our initiatives, we welcome you to join us on this transformative journey.


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Reaching out to Sickle Cell Children

Our vision for this project is to create a space where children with sickle cell disease can feel loved, supported, and empowered. We want to provide them with experiences that bring joy, instill confidence, and remind them of the beauty that life has to offer.


Supporting Families in Crisis

Our vision for this project is to be a source of hope and relief for families in crisis. We believe that by coming together, we can make a meaningful impact in their lives and help them regain stability and resilience.


Medecine Supplies

Across Cameroon, many families and vulnerable individuals struggle to access adequate medical supplies and essential medications. Limited access to healthcare resources can lead to prolonged suffering, worsen existing health conditions, and hinder overall well-being.


Provision of Tricycles

For the past couple of years we have identified the following problems in our community such as an upsurge in malaria, typhoid, and other gastrointestinal complications ascribe to domestic refuse […]


Local Production of Biogas in the Northwest Region of Cameroon

TITLE: Enhancing Sustainable Energy Practices In some parts of the crisis hit Region in North West Cameroon Download Pdf BIOGAS PROJECT HESOSA corrected INTRODUCTION An overview of the energy landscape […]


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