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Provision of Tricycles

For the past couple of years we have identified the following problems in our community such as an upsurge in malaria, typhoid, and other gastrointestinal complications ascribe to domestic refuse piled in great heaps around minor/major entrances, stagnant water in the surrounding, obstruction in gutters caused by buildup of non-biodegradable plastic objects, and surrounding bushes.

As a way to address the situation, we intend to create a sustainable job opportunity for about 5 young people that will expand subsequently. The approach is to first all, sensitize the population on the advantages of maintaining a clean environment likewise educate them on the disadvantages of an unkempt environment, thereafter mobilize some young people to distribute flyers in the locality and advertise the idea on radio and television.

These young men and women will each have at their disposal a tricycle, safety hats, apron, protective gloves cutlasses, work jackets, boots, and nose masks. Their line of duties will be as follows: Ride these tricycles from home to home to empty trash cans, clear up bushes when necessary, éngage in waste sorting exercises chiefly of non-biodegradable plastic bags. Aside the cleaning of homes, these young men and women will also make good use of the tricycle by transporting food produce from nearby farms to the markets.

In like manner, income will be generated from homes that will abide to the terms and condition of the Association to clean up their yards and empty the trash cans. Interested households will pay a certain amount of Monthly or weekly fare thus will be beneficial to these youths who will earn a living from the above activities. Not only will this opportunity create jobs for the Youths, it will keep them off drugs, arm robbery, prostitution, similarly it will benefit the community by reducing the rate of malaria and other diseases. Besides, the initiative will protect the environment therefore reduce the effects of climate change.

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